Principal's Message

The objective of Genius High School is to provide value based quality education to strengthen Physical,Social,emotional & spritaul well-being & to prepare them to face tough challenges of life.Our educational program is so conceived as to make students proud of our country's rich cultural hertiage & to become a responsible citizen.Besides academic excellence intellectual development endeavours to help each child discover and develop his/her talent & abilities.It seeks to install confidence in children by cultivating proper habits,positive attitudes,values such as truthfulness,good manners,fair play,team spirit,self respect,dignity,punctuality,compassion & encourage scientific temper & creativity.We have a commitment to develop the minds of our young children into the finest of tomorrow. We have a commitment to make the best teachers available for the children under our care."Let's make education most purposeful & a successful one"


Usama Shahriyar


To rise above life's challenges & influence change in the world.

Each student will recieve a well-rounded education in a safe, supportive enviroment that promotes curiosity, growth and achievement. Our staff is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities that generate student success through mentorship & individualized attention.